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Villa Mani

Memorable dining experiences.

Dine in elegance in the Villa Mani Dining Room with fine china from around the world, sterling silver and crystal, or dine casually on the white sands of our beach.

The pool bar is also a favorite spot for an afternoon lunch and the veranda patios offer several areas for casual meals or elegant dining.  Our Executive Concierge  can make reservations at Provo’s tropical restaurants.  If you prefer staying home, he can plan a BBQ on our beach, or any festive special dining experience on one of the many verandas or patios.


During your stay at Villa Mani your meals will be prepared by one of the finest chefs on the Island.  You may specifically request meal choices or allow our Chef to make these choices for you.  We will collect your selections each morning and will have them ready at the times you select.

Fee Structure for Meals

  • All food is purchased by our Chef and you will receive the actual receipts for these items purchased upon departure.

  • A 15% Service Fee will be added.

  • There is no additional fee for our Chef’s services.